Video : Live from the Studio – Twinkling 01

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“Twinkling” is the new series of music videos performed live straight from my studio, here in Neo-Paris.

Since the civil war that broke out in the country, rallies are banned and the last good clubs were looted or destroyed.
The only way to keep in touch with you is the internet, at least when the connections are not interrupted.
So, and until the situation improves, I will play the music straight from the matrix.
Thus, you my comrades, will be able to listen to some new music regularly.

Hoping to bring you strength and courage with this track.
Here is the first twinkling. Thanks for watching !

From now on, each “Twinkling” video episode will be available to download as an audio files via Bandcamp. You can choose your preferred format and the price of your choice. This is undoubtedly a great way to support me in my work.
Each “Twinkling” video episode is available to download as a high-quality audio file. You can choose your preferred format (MP3, FLAC, ALAC…) and the price of your choice.

About Syl Kougaï

I play Martial Electronic Music !
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25 Responses to Video : Live from the Studio – Twinkling 01

  1. Krux Records says:

    nice drive! powerful and moody!

  2. Benoit says:

    C’est du bon syl Kougaï

  3. Oh boy – this is really INSANE! Fucking great! ACES OF ACES!

  4. Fyser says:

    Der Gott von Montpellier…

  5. Hamm'n'Eggs says:

    oh yes, love the cold sounding drums

  6. Syl Kougaï is back in the brain melting game!

  7. Ben Marks says:

    Man, machinedrum machine, always bad ass.. Syl Kougaï Impressed.. thnks for the upload.

  8. Salut! Ta musique joue encore dans mon mp3 depuis des années! Il y a longtemps on c’était parler sur myspace (equilibrium) . Bonne continuitée dans la musique amigo!

  9. Matrixsynth says:

    That was incredible! I put a post up on MATRIXSYNTH-C and MATRIXSYNTH:

    Both will go out on MATRIXSYNTH Twitter and Facebook as well.

  10. Brilliant as always! Keep up the good work:)

  11. Sarge says:

    the cat! hahaha she enjoys it too :-)

  12. Jake Rose says:

    what sequencer is that man?

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