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Concert: quARTiers libres festival – 29 sept 2006

sylkougai_quartierslibres2006I will play some new compositions from my forthcoming album La fille verte at Montpellier quARTiers libres festival on Friday 29th September at 10:00 pm. The event will take place in open air at Place St Anne, at the foot of the church of the same name that lies in the heart of the city, an absolutly perfect place for a ‘out of space’ sound trip… Don’t miss that ! The show will be broadcasted live on the major radio waves of the city: – L’Eko des garrigues (88,5 MHz) – Divergence FM (93,9 MHz) – Radio Aviva (88 MHz) – Radio Clapas (93,5 MHz) – Radio Lenga d’OC (99,7 MHz)… Continue reading
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