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Machine : a compilation by the Elektron-Users community

Machine is a unique compilation album and collaborative effort, produced by the Elektron-Users community.

Machine – a single word and concept that has guided the imagination of electronic musicians for decades: one word that has captured the attention of electronic music makers, from the early pioneers to the electronic luminaries of today. As relevant as ever, we have chosen this concept to provide a starting point for the Machine compilation album. The compilation seeks to investigate various aspects of this term, and bring some new interpretations to the table.

The album consists of 15 magical tracks of contemporary electronic music, crafted by artists from all corners of the world. The tracks and artists are united by the Machine concept, and
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Meeting @ Kawenga, Friday 11th June 2010 – from 6pm to 8pm – free

For the release of my new album Metaswing and as a prelude to my concert at Baloard the next day, Kawenga invites you to discover my creative universe during a musical meeting.
I'll introduce my approach, the machines with which I have made this album, and I'll play a selection of tracks.
I will be only too pleased to meet you there and to talk with you !

Located in Montpellier, Kawenga is a place dedicated to creation, mediation, training and broadcasting of digital arts. Open to a wide audience (artists, researchers, teachers, users, children...), its actions are part of a creative, plural and civic society.
At the crossroads of many networks, this space wants to be favorable to the emergence of projects and to the decompartmentalization of disciplines : new images, graphic arts, web art, danse, installations, sound creation ...

Friday 11th june 2010 – from 6pm to 8pm

21 boulevard Louis Blanc – 34000 Montpellier
tram: Louis Blanc ou Corum
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