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Syl Kougaï new album “ΙΧΘΥΣ” out June 12 | PRE ORDER NOW

BUY 2xLP vinyl edition / HQ Digital
2xLP heavyweight 180-gram vinyl in uncoated black inners and widespine sleeve
Instant high-quality download in MP3, FLAC with all Vinyl purchases. Digital only also available.
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BUY CD edition / HQ Digital
Comes in crystal case with exclusive artwork inside design by Bleeding Arts
Digital only also available.
Powered by Hymen Records (¥835)
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Crazy Language compilation #5

crazy language compilation 5
The Berlin-based netlabel Crazy Language released their 5th compilation. I chose for the occasion the unreleased track Candylicker.

« Once again, time for a little sit at the table Christmas family reunion, to exchange gifts and make a little balance of last year's difficulttimes. Grandpas of Crazy-Language are still in top form, clearly provingthey're here to stay until the need of some disaper change; whilst the children are running around like loonatics, showcasing their brand newfresh ideas, energy and clear will to leave a mark in the future.

Overpowering glitches, soft as pie melodies, insane in the membranebreaks, experimentalisms from the depths of hell, pads thrown to earth by heaven, amongst other special yummy production techniques are all wrapped up tightly with a nice bow design by CL?s specialdesigner Sarge Grafx. So, our gift to you is this deliciously served codfish compilation, full of little musical gems, serving right as a break from thoseannoying shopping mall Christmas tunes, in favor of some grand Electronica tunes from all genres imaginable! And best of all... No frickin' socks inside! [F.G.] »

DOWNLOAD Crazy Compilation 5
This link is a direct download from Crazy Language
This work is available under a Creative Commons licence
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A Christmas gift for the Metaswingers !

This is Christmas and this is the time to give presents ! So, I offer my digital EP Green Live Tracks to those of you who buy a limited CD edition of my album Metaswing. This gift is available until 9th january. I wish you a merry Christmas !
BUY METASWING limited CD edition
Included in this release:
  • A 6 tracks CD album with cardboard sleeve.
  • Immediate download of 6 tracks album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or any other format you like.
  • A PDF booklet with the album artworks.
  • A code to download «Green Live Tracks» 4 tracks EP available until 9th january.
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«Metaswing» limited CD edition : Available now !

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«Metaswing» limited CD edition : Order now !

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«Metaswing» special release party @ Baloard, saturday 12th june – 9pm

To celebrate the release of the new album, I will be hosting a very special party that will take place at the Baloard in Montpellier on 12th June. I will play with a full set of machines all my metagrooves !

This means that those of us not in Montpellier will have to play the Metaswing in their Ipod and wait for more shows...

Saturday 12th june 2010 – 9pm

Le Baloard
21 boulevard Louis Blanc - 34000 Montpellier
tram: Louis Blanc ou Corum
Price : 5€
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