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Dmute reviews «Metaswing»

" Montpellier, scorcher. While in the heat of the day, the golden youth is cooing and having an easy time of it, the impetuous Syl Kougaï is defying the elements in his laboratory and giving the «power» to his machines. Frankly impossible to know where the human is on this disc. What we hear comes from elsewhere : growlings of a tortured processor, moanings of a mutilated laptop, panting bleeps and groanings of an oscillator in distress. An unconventional electronica, ingenious and enlightened, alternatly frenetic and fearless; an end of the world music with an insane rythmic : the Metaswing !
Here is a special disc, pressurized and disorientating, which is visited like Dr. Frankenstein’s library - huge volumes and yet no empty space. During this turbulent ride, between chilling hallucinations and fits of claustrophobia poorly contained, we have, every minute of listening that goes by, the strange sensation of losing bits of reason. Even so it is not disturbing, as if under a spell or a highly concentraded synthetic drug. Clearly, this composite and haunted album could easily make you freak out, and yet it looks like one of those old friends returning from a long journey, the mind badly cleared, fogged with a bunch of tall tales that we listen to anxious but captivated.

Still as uncompromising in his artistic choices, this lover of complex harmonies and wild sonorities has developped an amazing sense of space and movement. A virtuouso quality already foreshadowed on La fille verte, his previous album, he has pushed much further.

It is, by the way, in this very technical approach that one could find the limits of a project, indeed upscale, but which by its experimental and erudite nature, might well dump on the way some unprepared listeners. Let’s say that to appreciate the true value of this record, we must see, more than a IDM lecture, the celebration of a succesful experiment, even a won battle : the final fusion of a man with his machines. With, under the sonic explosion of this Metaswing, true act of a glitch tamer, this filigreed question : Who really controlled who in there?
Him? Them? The mystery remains... "

Reviewed by Yvan for Dmute.

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Album reviews: «La fille verte»

La fille verte
« La Fille Verte is a far removed from what the world actually needs right now, it represents an utter delerious joy it's almost worth having it's own memorial day. »

« Bijou à mille facettes suspendu au sein d'une véritable tornade féline, concentrée d'IDM tout en courbe, entre déferlante sonique et souflle mystique (...) En domestiquant la moindre des parcelles de sa folie surnaturelle, Syl Kougaï a su insufler toute la puissance évocatrice nécessaire à son oeuvre. »

« Comment ne pas penser à Frank Miller en voyant la pochette de la Fille Verte ? Comment ne pas songer à Amon Tobin en entendant ce mélange d'Ambient et de boucles synthétiques effrénées ? Pourtant, et c'est là un point essentiel, Syl Kougaï possède un bien très précieux, un don même : l'originalité. »
Forces parallèles>

« Sans forcément être réservé à une élite de mélomanes puristes, le son de Syl Kougaï frappe d'abord par sa pureté et sa facilité à nous enfermer dans sa bulle métallique sans que l'on trouve la force de se débattre. »

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