Syl Kougaï “ΙΧΘΥΣ” is out now

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2xLP heavyweight 180-gram vinyl in uncoated black inners and widespine sleeve
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Syl Kougaï ΙΧΘΥΣ is out now on Schematic & Hymen Records.
The 2xLP Heavyweight Vinyl, Compact Disc, and Digital are now available by the links above.

« Immense and warped »
Stalker Radio Show —

« It is indeed a most excellent album! »
Plaid — WARP Records

« This is forward thinking music at its best »
Frank Riggio — Hymen / Ninja Tune

« So advanced in so many levels »
Roel Funcken — Funckarma

« Spectacular in terms of ideas and production »
Stefan Alt — founder of Hymen Records

« Quirky and unique sounds »
Peek-a-Boo Magazine

« Émouvant, majestueux, entraînant… »
Forces Parallèles

« Ultimately, ΙΧΘΥΣ makes a musician want to make music »
Igloo Magazine
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Listen to “Corvus”
Listen to “Ether”

About Syl Kougaï

I play Martial Electronic Music !
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