Syl Kougaï new album “ΙΧΘΥΣ” out June 12 | PRE ORDER NOW

    Released June 12, 2015
    2xLP Heavyweight Vinyl • Compact Disc • HQ Download
    Schematic Records (SCH116) & Hymen Records (¥835)
    1. Corvus
    2. Picker Amalthée
    3. Opale Verniss
    4. Ousia
    5. Ether
    6. Alpha&Omega
    7. Pisces
    8. Parousia
    9. Ethyle
    10. Picker Aigis
    11. L’écarlate
    12. Alléluia
Syl Kougaï third full studio album ΙΧΘΥΣ comes out June 12, 2015 in a joint effort between Schematic and Hymen Records.
ΙΧΘΥΣ is intense, with crystal clear production, rich and varied compositions on which Syl Kougaï uses his unique brand of synthetic sounds interacting with acoustic recordings. He expands the borders of these two universes and develops imaginary instruments, driving classical playing techniques towards unexpected mechano-acoustic reactions.

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About Syl Kougaï

I play Martial Electronic Music !
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