La Fille Verte

    Released 19th May 2007
    9 tracks album – 40 minutes
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    1. La fleur gravité
    2. La voix de l’empereur
    3. R.Daneel
    4. Chachaaïm
    5. Requiem pour Chachaaïm
    6. The shining flower
    7. La fille verte
    8. MightyMovements
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Listen to “La voie de l’empereur”
« This album represents an utter delerious joy it’s almost worth having it’s own memorial day. »


« What to think apart from the fact that we have rarely had in our hands such a meticulously thought and mastered project. »


« Syl Kougaï’s sound strikes at first by its purity, by its ease confine us up in its metallic bubble without us finding the strengh to struggle. »