New Album «La fille verte» out now !

La fille verte
I am pleased to present my new album : La fille verte

An automated world with spatial and supernatural sonorities. On board a women that is not afraid of shocks, nor depressions, nor acidic rains, nor polar deserts, nor burning beaches.

Enjoy ! and leave me your feedback !

« An experimental electronica absolutely innovative. With scores chiselled to the extreme, Syl Kougaï belongs to the sound UFO that we hear too rarely. » Radio Nova

« Here at Indaba, Electronic Musician, and Prime Loops, we believe this is the most remarkable and well written songs. » Indaba, Electronic Musician, and Prime Loops

« The album “La fille verte” represents an utter delerious joy it’s almost worth having it’s own memorial day. » Playlouder

« What to think apart from the fact that we have rarely had in our hands such a meticulously thought and mastered project. » Dmute

« Syl Kougaï’s sound strikes at first by its purity, by its ease confine us up in its metallic bubble without us finding the strengh to struggle. » ElectrOne
DOWNLOAD La fille verte
Download of 9 tracks album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or any other format you like.

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I play Martial Electronic Music !
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