What is “Live”? An interview for LostinSound

[Lost In Sound] The mix you originally made for Stalker Radio Show is a live remix of your most recent album, ΙΧΘΥΣ. The term “live” seems to be used for everything from composing on the spot to playing tracks on Ableton Live as a DJ set. What makes this set “live”?

[Syl Kougaï] I composed the album ΙΧΘΥΣ by pushing as far as possible the stage of recording. I mean that everything remains in the machines, the sounds are generated in real time, their parameters, their modulations, their effects and the information within the sequencers are accessible and adjustable quickly, and all along the process of composition. It is an articulated mechanism where everything remains in the hands. It’s important for me to keep this flexibility as long as possible until the recording. First of all, from a methodical point of view it allows me to return permanently to the elements. But also from a psychological point of view, to keep that feeling that I’m working on living things. For me, the recorded sounds are dead sounds in a certain way, like memories frozen in pictures.
For ΙΧΘΥΣ Transmission, I rebooted the different instances in my machines, and juggled with the kits and patterns clusters to merge them into a solid set. From there, I played and recorded several jams, recorded in multi-track. I kept the best moments. (…)

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