New album «Metaswing» out on 31th may 2010 !

Here it is ! I have just finished the cover. After 3 different ones, and 10 versions each, I got the one I think will fit fine.
So I can announce you : 'Metaswing' will be out on monday 31th mai 2010 !
At what time ? It depends on what time I will stop my machines that day. Perhaps on May 31th at 3am... Very probably.

So rendez-vous next monday !
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New Album «La fille verte» out now !

La fille verte
I am pleased to present my new album : La fille verte

An automated world with spatial and supernatural sonorities. On board a women that is not afraid of shocks, nor depressions, nor acidic rains, nor polar deserts, nor burning beaches.

Enjoy ! and leave me your feedback !

« An experimental electronica absolutely innovative. With scores chiselled to the extreme, Syl Kougaï belongs to the sound UFO that we hear too rarely. » Radio Nova

« Here at Indaba, Electronic Musician, and Prime Loops, we believe this is the most remarkable and well written songs. » Indaba, Electronic Musician, and Prime Loops

« The album “La fille verte” represents an utter delerious joy it’s almost worth having it’s own memorial day. » Playlouder

« What to think apart from the fact that we have rarely had in our hands such a meticulously thought and mastered project. » Dmute

« Syl Kougaï’s sound strikes at first by its purity, by its ease confine us up in its metallic bubble without us finding the strengh to struggle. » ElectrOne
DOWNLOAD La fille verte
Download of 9 tracks album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or any other format you like.
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New Ep out now : «Green live tracks»

I am currently finalizing my new album La fille verte that will be released soon.
To lead you up to this event, I am offering my 'Green live tracks' Ep as a free download. Three tracks that I rencently played during my performance at the large pluridisciplinary festival of my hometown: Montpellier quARTiers libres.
The tracks are encoded in very high quality Mp3s (320Kbps),
I hope you will enjoy !

« Ce Green Live Tracks est un EP Live enregistré aux Quartiers Libres de Montpellier en 2006 : trois titres, trois claques, on en redemande. Le blog de l’artiste annonce la sortie de l’album La fille verte par le biais de ce mini évènement, on se lèche les babines. On plonge directement dans l’ambiance du concert grâce à un public actif, qui fait « Waouh », qui siffle, qui s’exclame et qui lui aussi en redemande. De grosses distorsions annoncent La voix de l’empereur, qui a tout pour plaire : des basses sourdes, une mélodie entêtante et des éléments synthétiques qui se mêlent à des sonorités orientales. On croit entendre une guitare, des hurlements de loups : la variété des sons surprend elle aussi. Il y a là quelque chose d’Amon Tobin dans ce premier titre magistral, on pense également à Prince of Persia, à quelques BO de Films (celle de Lord Of War entre autres)… »

DOWNLOAD Green live tracks
Download of 4 tracks album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or any other format you like.
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