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Crazy Language compilation #5

crazy language compilation 5
The Berlin-based netlabel Crazy Language released their 5th compilation. I chose for the occasion the unreleased track Candylicker.

« Once again, time for a little sit at the table Christmas family reunion, to exchange gifts and make a little balance of last year's difficulttimes. Grandpas of Crazy-Language are still in top form, clearly provingthey're here to stay until the need of some disaper change; whilst the children are running around like loonatics, showcasing their brand newfresh ideas, energy and clear will to leave a mark in the future.

Overpowering glitches, soft as pie melodies, insane in the membranebreaks, experimentalisms from the depths of hell, pads thrown to earth by heaven, amongst other special yummy production techniques are all wrapped up tightly with a nice bow design by CL?s specialdesigner Sarge Grafx. So, our gift to you is this deliciously served codfish compilation, full of little musical gems, serving right as a break from thoseannoying shopping mall Christmas tunes, in favor of some grand Electronica tunes from all genres imaginable! And best of all... No frickin' socks inside! [F.G.] »

DOWNLOAD Crazy Compilation 5
This link is a direct download from Crazy Language
This work is available under a Creative Commons licence
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Machine : a compilation by the Elektron-Users community

Machine is a unique compilation album and collaborative effort, produced by the Elektron-Users community.

Machine – a single word and concept that has guided the imagination of electronic musicians for decades: one word that has captured the attention of electronic music makers, from the early pioneers to the electronic luminaries of today. As relevant as ever, we have chosen this concept to provide a starting point for the Machine compilation album. The compilation seeks to investigate various aspects of this term, and bring some new interpretations to the table.

The album consists of 15 magical tracks of contemporary electronic music, crafted by artists from all corners of the world. The tracks and artists are united by the Machine concept, and
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Crazy Language compilation #4

The Berlin-based netlabel Crazy Language released their 4th compilation. I chose for the occasion an unreleased track named Kaansuingaï !

« It's Christmas ! Capitalist’s favourite season ! And as usual, Crazy-Language delivers what best the World Wide Web has to offer in terms of grade-A Electronic music. A nice recap of what was released throughout 2009, and perhaps a little taste of what’s to come in CL, cycles through 24 songs and countless BPMs. You're visited by old collaborators, showing off their evolution and newcomers alike, proving that electronic music is spawning everywhere, with fresh ideas out of the box. Complex, sometimes crazy, others chilled, nostalgic and peaceful.
Doesn't matter. It's all unpretentious first-class music. Best of all, it's nice to have this really for free without asking anything in return, in this hypocrite season of the year. All frickin’ hail the non-capitalist artists behind this !
We'll see you in 2010. With no charge. » CL

DOWNLOAD Crazy Compilation 4
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Crazy Language compilation #3

The Berlin-based netlabel Crazy Language released their third compilation, for the occasion an unreleased version of Mightymovements, a track from the album La fille verte is joined to the crazy trip !

« Complex and sometimes crazy !
It is always difficult to grab peoples attention for electronic music released in the world wide web and it might not be helpful to publish a compilation of electronic music between Christmas and New Year's Eve.
Anyway, the language of music is complex and sometimes crazy in a positive way and Crazy Language presents a really great finish after plentypublications in 2008.
The compilation features 23 artists from across the world. This includes a global survey of the very active electronic music scene and it shows how multifaceted music from IDM to Electronica and Abstract Noise could sound. The Crazy Compilation #3 is definitely not engaged to provide 2-hour-changeless music. In fact it is like a demonstration that each kind of music regardless of abstraction has its value set to be heard. » CL

DOWNLOAD Crazy Compilation 3
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